Game Of Thrones 4k Wallpapers For Pc

Game Of Thrones 4k Wallpapers For Pc

In the first part of the George R. R. Martin saga, the main elements of the world created by the author are presented.

Great attention is paid to the characters, but also the locations play a very important role. Each set has a precise characterization with key elements for the development of the plot.

In the north of the continent is a giant ice barrier filled with magic, erected to protect people from the threat of the Walking Dead. These are now mythical creatures that clashed with the “First Men” in a distant time. Now only the legend remains of them, but one claims to have seen his comrades cut to pieces. He is a member of the Night’s Watch whose job is to guard and protect the Wall. The witness was busy beyond the strong wall and managed to escape. For this act, he was sentenced to death by Ned Stark, Lord of the North and a direct descendant of the first men.

He receives news of the death of his close friend, Jon Arryn, who was an adviser to King Robert Baratheon. The Ruler is ready to travel North to order his former war partner Ned to accept the role of Arryn. Baratheon and Stark share a long-standing history. Together they endured the Targaryens’ reign of terror, which dominated Westeros. The spark was the kidnapping of Ned’s sister, Lyanna Stark. Robert was deeply in love with her and swore revenge on Rhaegar Targaryen. The uprising turned into war when the Lannisters turned their backs on the monarch and helped Baratheon take the Iron Throne.

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