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Open Your Life to a Brand New Life.

There were private residences built by important people in history to spare time for themselves, to find comfort, and to have their doors opened when they wanted to find peace in nature and natural life. These residences were called “Mansion” as an abstract noun derived from the Old French word that means “dwelling” in Latin and the verb manage “to live”. Knowing the meaning of this word, we are realizing the Ömerli Mansions, which we designed for nature lovers by adapting today’s needs to traditional European classical architecture and designed for nature lovers without touching a single tree.


Life in touch with nature is at Ömerli Mansions!..
Far from ordinary, in an environment equipped with redbud, maple, bunch, willow, and jasmine, and oak trees; You will be able to reach a completely special architecture, the peace of solitude and privacy in an environment away from the stress and intensity of the city. When you leave the house in the morning, you will be able to see the deep blue sky, not the tall buildings, you will have special and exclusive restaurants and privileged living spaces, and you will be able to spend quiet, calm, and peaceful times by a real, natural lake.

Every Detail Is Special For You…
Now we have a project that will offer you all this and more and make you feel special: “Omerli Mansions”. It’s time to open the doors of a comfortable, special and privileged life with a key. In Ömerli Mansions, life is lived in nature, where each villa has a different architecture and exclusive social facilities are located around it.

Open your life to a new life, not a new home, in Ömerli Mansions.


Attraction point
Ömerli Mansions, the most prestigious housing project in the region, differentiates the services it offers from shopping opportunities. We planned our workplace areas, which aim to become the center of attraction for environmental projects with the natural structure of the region, at the beginning of the project, using our 20 years of experience. The most exclusive cafes and restaurants will be the social meeting center for the residents of Ömerli Mansions and the surrounding area.

In The Most Beautiful Place To Live In…
We have established dynamic, enjoyable, and interests-friendly spaces for the youth’s world. We think that we enable young people to socialize by creating cafes, hobby rooms, music rooms, billiards, chess, music boxes, console game rooms, table tennis, squash, and fitness areas for young people. We tried to make them feel that they are a part of it, and we wanted to show that it is very important for us as well as for you that the young people enjoy activities happily and peacefully.


Family Enjoy.
You will be able to find social areas that will be continuously developed by feeding on technology and trends in Ömerli Mansions. We have designed many special areas for your hobbies. Common areas such as the music room, game console rooms, billiards, and chess will allow our residents to socialize and spend their free time to their heart’s content.

Children’s Happiness is Worth Everything.
While you spend time in nature, a safe and supportive environment awaits your children. We designed a mini club, playground, children’s pool, children’s activity area, library, and study areas for them. You can also benefit from child, elderly, and pet care services with a phone call, and you can be sure that your child spends time safely in these environments while you rest.

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