League of Legends

What is League of Legends (LOL) is a mobile game in which two teams of five players face off on different maps. The goal is to break the center point in the opposing team’s base. The central point is called the “nexus” in the game.

Summoner’s Valley, the most played map, consists of three lanes. The names of the corridors are respectively; Top lane, middle lane, bottom lane. There is also a part of the forest. There is one player each in the top lane, mid lane, and jungle, and two players in the bottom lane.

There are a lot of structures and creatures in the game. To get the exact answer to the question of what is League of Legends, it is necessary to mention the structure and living things, they determine the fate of the game.

Lol Game Roles and Concepts to Know

There are generally five different roles in League Of Legends.

Top lane and top lane characters are usually the ones who have a lot of health and armor and don’t die easily, and enter team battles from the front.

The jungle is the role that takes the jungle camps from the beginning to the end of the game and helps the corridors from time to time.

The Middle Lane is a very important role as it is located in the middle of the map. Usually, assassin and sorcerer characters are played.

Shooters are fragile yet powerful characters. With the support on their sides, they make a perfect couple.

Support is the role that grows up when the sniper needs help, sacrificing his life for them if necessary.

Lol Characters

There are currently 156 characters in League Of Legends. The number of characters is increasing day by day. Each character has one passive and four active abilities. In some characters, this ratio changes.

Lol Items

In League Of Legends, different items are bought for each character. While there are so many characters, the variety of items is naturally more.

Summoner Spells

There are eleven summoner spells in total. The summoner spells you should choose to depend on the roles you play and the characters you have.


Minions are creatures that are born after a certain period and continue to spawn until the nexus is destroyed. The reason why their name is petite is that they are quite small in size. Minions scattered across three lanes have a never-ending battle with rival minions.


Dragons are creatures that spawn periodically in the dragon pit near the bottom lane in the Summoner’s Valley. There are four different dragons, all of them have different characteristics.

Baron Nashor

Baron Nashor spawns near the upper corridor of the valley. It is possible to be killed only as a team. It gives great advantages to the killing team.


Towers, one of the most basic elements of the game: Are divided into outer, inner, inhibitor, inhibitor towers, nexus towers, nexus. Towers are structures that should always be protected, demolishing the towers provides money to the opposing team, as well as increases the gameplay and visibility on the map.

The outer tower is the first tower of each corridor.

The inner tower is the tower that must be crossed after the outer tower is demolished.

Inhibitor Towers are strongholds in front of each inhibitor to protect the inhibitor

The Inhibitor is the energy source found in each lane on the entrance side of each team’s headquarters.

Nexus towers are towers that guard the nexus

The Nexus is the energy source that powers the team’s minions and other towers, the goal of the game is to destroy the opposing team’s nexus.

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