League of Legends

League of Legends, one of the leading games of esports, which has taken the world by storm and has become one of the indispensables of the youth with the leagues established in Turkey, seems to never be extinguished.


This news will be a good guide for those who want to enter the platform, which attracts the attention of young people.

What is League of Legends?

The Ferrari of gaming, League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that combines the excitement of strategy games with elements of role-playing games. Two teams of unique champions with their designs and gameplay go head-to-head in a variety of battlefields and game modes. With its ever-changing champions, frequently updated content, and lively tournament environment, League of Legends is a game that players of all skill levels can play for a long time without getting bored.

How to play?

League of Legends is the struggle of 2 teams of 5 players to destroy each other’s center on a map consisting of 3 corridors. You will have to use various variables while performing this operation. The way you use these variables also determines your strategy. There are 6 different variables with which you can determine your strategy. These variables are listed as follows; Champions, Items, Abilities, Runes, and Summoner Spells. According to the option you prefer, you can gain an advantage over your opponent and you can achieve victory by maintaining this superiority.

In League of Legends, besides variables, there are also static phenomena. These are grouped under 5 main headings: Towers-Inhibitors-Headquarters-Minions-Cavanars. These facts are present in every game except your preference and offer you various advantages and disadvantages.

If you wish, let’s start with static facts first. The first and most important phenomenon is the Towers. Each team has 11 towers in total, 3 in each corridor and 2 in front of the central building. These towers were created to make it harder for champions to reach the center. Destroying a tower is the priority in the game, as it is not possible to destroy another tower in the same corridor and reach the center without destroying a tower. Various strategies can be followed to demolish the towers. The first thing you need to know before strategizing is the towers’ targeting priority. When targeting towers, their priority is minions. If there is a minion within range, they will attack it first. However, some factors will disrupt this priority. If the opposing champion if it deals damage to an allied champion within range of the turret, the turret takes its priority from the minion and turns to the champion that deals damage. Because the tower’s primary priority is to protect its team and headquarters. He sees damage to a member of his team as a threat and continues to target the enemy champion who deals damage, hitting them until they’re out of range. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid hitting an opposing champion while under the tower. Because towers are very strong structures and their damage is extremely high. And their damage to champions gets stronger with each attack. So there is a big difference between the first damage a champion takes from the turret and the damage after it. It is highly recommended that players new to the game do not test themselves with the tower. Taking advantage of minions’ presence to destroy towers is the most viable method.

Our secondary static phenomenon is inhibitors. Inhibitors are available one in every 3 lanes. Their location is fixed and behind the 3rd Towers. It is not possible to destroy the inhibitor without the first three towers being destroyed. Inhibitor destruction is valid for a certain period. And during this time, you empower allied minions from the inhibitor’s lane you destroyed. After 3 minutes, inhibitors respawn and your minions’ buff pauses until you flush them again. According to statistics, the team that knocks down the first inhibitor has a higher percentage of game wins. That’s why you should place towers and inhibitors on your mind as your primary goal when determining your strategy.

Another static phenomenon is minions. Minions spawn 90 seconds after the start of the game and make their way to the opponent’s tower in all three lanes. Minions also have priority targets, like towers. Their first and foremost priority is enemy minions and then towers. If these two are not within range of the minions, the minions will target the nearby champion. Some factors change the targeting priority of minions. For example, auto-attacking an enemy champion near enemy minions will cause the minion to change its priority and attack you. Minions are stronger in the early game than champions thanks to their numerical advantage. For this reason, you should never underestimate the minions, and you should not fight the enemy champion when they have too many minions next to them. Another reason why minions are important is the gold they offer you. You need gold to have the item that we will talk about under the title of game variables. The easiest way to earn this gold is to kill a minion. To get the gold of the killed minion, you need to make the last hit that makes it die. This is the first thing you need to master in the game. By focusing on farming minions rather than killing the opponent, you can turn the gold you have earned into great advantages with the right item choices, and you can stop your opponent more easily. To get the gold of the killed minion, you need to make the last hit that makes it die. This is the first thing you need to master in the game. By focusing on farming minions rather than killing the opponent, you can turn the gold you have earned into great advantages with the right item choices, and you can stop your opponent more easily. To get the gold of the killed minion, you need to make the last hit that makes it die. This is the first thing you need to master in the game. By focusing on farming minions rather than killing the opponent, you can turn the gold you have earned into great advantages with the right item choices, and you can stop your opponent more easily.

Another static phenomenon is the central structure. It is located behind 11 towers in the game and has a high amount of health. It cannot be damaged until at least one inhibitor and 2 towers in front of it are destroyed. Unlike towers, it is not a building that does damage to you. It only has a high level of health. And the only way to win the game is to destroy the opposing team’s central structure. You can’t win the game without destroying as many towers as you want, killing opposing champions, earning gold, and destroying the minion definitive central structure.

The last static phenomenon in the game is monsters. Monsters spawn at 110 seconds in an area called the forest between the corridors and respawn after a certain period after being killed. Depending on their type, some monsters can grant various buffs to the killing player or team. These buffs can be turned into an advantage as they create a difference between the two opposing teams. In addition, monsters also grant gold to the slaying champion, just like minions. They are harder to kill than minions, but they promise more gold in return. For all these reasons, it is one of the most general strategies of the game for a champion in your team to collect gold and advantages in the jungle. However, it is not recommended for new players to enter the jungle as they do not have the advantages that come with the level due to their low level. We mentioned above how powerful the minions are. Afterward, we mentioned that monsters are even stronger than them. With that in mind, our humble advice to you is not to be in the jungle without Level 20.

Beware of variables!

The second item in the list of variables is the items. Items can be purchased from the in-game store with the gold you earn in the game. And the elements that affect the course of the game the most are the items. The items you buy can make it easier for you to survive, increase your damage and give you functionality. We can easily state that all the champions in the game are as balanced as possible. You need features that will make you different in such a perfect balance. This is where things come into play. You may encounter a champion who is against the characteristics of the champion you are playing, and this situation can be very difficult for you, but you can even turn this situation in your favor with the right item choices. Of course, the opposite is also possible. If you choose the wrong item while the champion you play is against the champion you are facing in the lane, you may lose all your advantage and fall into a disadvantageous position. At this point, you come across a problem about what and which items you should prefer.

We understood the gameplay, so now it’s time to register…

LOL is the most popular online game among competitive strategy games. There are characters, leagues, degrees, and competitions in the game. The lowest rank is Bronze and the highest rank is Challenger. Players are constantly trying to solve the game by experiencing the game to be the best. To be successful in this game, it is necessary to have good strategy and game skills.

So, how to sign up for League of Legends?

One of the most played online games lately is LOL. Since its inception, the game has reached a total of more than 100 million players around the world. It is a global game. A game that has reached such several users attracts the attention of other people and new players are constantly joining its ranks. LOL signing up is pretty simple. You can follow the steps below to register.

To register League of Legends (LOL), you must first log in to the site. After logging into the registration section of the site, you will see a registration system consisting of 3 steps.

When registering, an e-mail address is required at the first stage. You must enter an e-mail address that you currently use and click next. The second step will appear for you to register. Here you are asked to write your date of birth. After this stage is completed, you must click next again to proceed to the third stage.

At the last stage, a user name and password are required to enter the game. After specifying a username and password that has not been obtained before, you should click on your acceptance of the terms of use. After saying forward again, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address. After confirming the account with this e-mail, you can now log in to the game.

Is League of Legends free?

LOL, which is among the most played games, is offered completely free of charge. There is no paid system in the game and when registering. This game is designed and built for everyone in the world to play. Founded in 2009, the special game has reached a great player base for 9 years and become the most played online game.


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