Thanos Wallpaper 4k For Pc And Mobile

He was born as the child of Mentor and Sui-San, who are members of the Thanos Eternals (Homo immortalis) race. Gene characteristics of the Deviant (Homo descensus) race, which is called Deviant syndrome, were evident at birth. The Deviants were a failed superhuman experiment by the Celestials before the Eternals and are sort of enemies of the Eternals. For these reasons, Thanos, who could be classified as a mutant from Titan (one of Saturn’s moons), was born with purple body skin and various physical abilities due to this mutation.

Besides its strong physical properties, this purple skin has enabled him to absorb cosmic energy at the atomic level and consciously transform it into kinetic force.

When Thanos was born, his mother, Sui-San, tried to kill him with a scalpel-knife-like tool as soon as he looked into her eyes, but his father, A’Lars, prevented this. When asked why he did this, Sui-San replied that he saw the death of Titan and everything in the entire universe in the eyes of his son, Thanos. Although he was never discriminated against by his father and brother, the people of Titan were always afraid of his looks and abilities and kept their distance. His brother, Eros, was loved by everyone from his childhood and was seen as the one to take over their father’s leadership role. Ignored by society and his family, Thanos is pushed into a bit of loneliness and begins to make friends with Death, whom he will fall in love with in the future, who sees his potential and shows him his image.

Thanos, who invented the weapons and dark arts that are forbidden on Titan because of his relationship with Death and his intelligence, tries to connect with Death and give meaning to his existence through him. This act of meaning and self-discovery led to a series of murders on Titan that lasted until the death of his last mother, Sui-San, who had not been seen for millennia. Before he kills his mother, he says to her, “You did the right thing by trying to kill me, mother.” Thanos, who entered a period of stagnation after killing his mother, decides to leave Death behind and leave Titan. Thanos, who entered the galactic piracy business, tried to spread his evil seeds to all races throughout the universe, and as a result, he had many children. However, when he returned to Death, he was provoked by Death, thinking that creating life was a sin for his nature, and he murdered all the women he had sexual intercourse with and all their babies to prove himself to Death again. Death demands that Thanos also destroy his hometown of Titan to prove himself one last time. Thanos fulfills this request but does not kill his father. Although the mentor (A’Lars) hadn’t wanted to see him all this time, he finally faced the truth and begged his father, Kronos (Thanos’ grandfather), to do something against Thanos. Kronos created Drax the Destroyer to kill Thanos by granting special powers to one of Thanos’ victims, an earthling named Arthur Douglas. After these events, Thanos, who turned into the Mad Titan, tried to reach objects such as the cosmic cube and the infinity gauntlet and attain the ultimate power and madness. He faced off against heroes such as Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, and groups such as the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. He adopted two girls, Gamora and Nebula, and trained them hard as assassins. and creates a team of followers like the Black Order.

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