Developed and published by Riot Games, Valorant launched yesterday all over the world, including Turkey. Last year, Riot Games announced that it is working on many projects special for its 10th anniversary and that it will reveal the projects they are working on by 2020. First Legends of Runeterra and then Valorant, an FPS game, was presented to the players. During the closed beta period, Valorant was watched by a total of 500 million hours on live broadcast platforms and became a big hit around the world. In this Valorant review we made, I will try to explain the game to you in detail from my perspective.

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First of all, when you enter the game, it directs you to a map called Polygon, and the purpose here is to learn and get used to the game, albeit a little. You come to the shooting range to run, jump, pick up the gun on the ground, bend, how to buy a gun, and at the end of the Range, to test your reflexes in the game a little.

The shooting range consists of two parts, and after you complete the first part, you play a small part of the bombing mission, which you know from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and a part that shows how to use the two abilities of the Sova character. After completing this part, you are now ready to play Valorant with other players.

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Main menu
After completing the Range mission, we come to the Main Menu of the game, as you can see in the upper visual, there is the Collection section where we can look at the weapons in the game and the agents in the game. In the Career tab, you can find a history of the matches you have played so far. In the store section, there are weapon skins and many more items that we can buy with our Valorant Points.

Game Modes
There are 3 different game modes in total in Valorant, and I must say from the beginning that Riot Games has not activated the ranked mode yet so that the players can get used to the game fully and new players who have not played the game in the closed beta can get used to it. However, the ranked mode will be active in the next few weeks.

Unranked Mode
The first of these modes is to spend a few games in the ranked mode that the game asks you for after you finish the Unranked mode and the polygon section. We are playing on the classic bombing mission plan in unranked mode. In the Spike mission, which is divided into two as the attacking and defending team, this is called Spike in Valorant instead of the C4 bomb in CS: GO. The logic is pretty simple, the attacking team builds and tries to protect Spike until it explodes, while the defending team has to deactivate Spike before or even if Spike is installed. In this mode, which is played as 25 Rounds in total, the team with the most hands at the end of 25 rounds wins.

Attack on Spike
Spike Rush, which is smaller than the map in the unranked mode, can be thought of as an ARAM mode, like in League of Legends. Players can enter this mode more as a pre-game warm-up with or without a rank.

Custom Game
A private game is a place where you can set up your private lobby, as in CS: GO, League of Legends, and many more MMO games, you can play either ranked or unranked games here.

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It’s time for the weapons of the game. In Valorant, 5 pistols (master guns), 2 light machine guns (SMG), 2 pumps (Shotgun), 4 rifles (Rifles), 2 snipers (Sniper), 2 Heavy Machinery and finally 1 There are 18 weapons in total, including knives. While you are in the game, you can buy the weapon you want as long as you have enough money. Also, since there is no CT / T concept in Valorant, both teams use the same weapon no matter which side you are on. Let’s take a closer look at these weapons.

Principality Weapons
Classic: Classic, which is the starting weapon in both teams, is a mixture of p2000 and clock in CS: GO. Classic, which shoots single with left click, fires bullets in threes when you fire with right-click.
Shorty: Shorty is a pistol-shotgun, the gun with two bullets has a very strong close-range effect.
Frenzy: You can see Frenzy as the CZ75 in CS: GO because it’s a fully automatic pistol. Frenzy, which is very effective at close range, is not preferred at long distances.
Ghost: When you headshot an opponent without a shield, you can choose Ghost, a weapon that can kill with a single bullet if you trust your aim.
Sheriff: The most expensive principality pistol in Valorant, the Sheriff fires a single shot when you headshot regardless of whether your opponent has armor, but it can put you at a disadvantage if you miss any shot due to its low rate of fire.
Light Machinery
Stinger: I liken this weapon to Famas, but of course it is much more difficult to control than Famas. This weapon, which is very effective when used at close range, has a difficult to control spray and has a long

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